How does it feel to be a best-selling author?

18/02/2012 13:33

I have never planned my book to be such a success. Not really.

Writing popular science books was not for me. I was just an ordinary academic and my life was all about academic papers and publications. If you are a bit familiar with this world, you surely know that there is no place for fiction there. All that counts are journals with an impact factor indexed in the Web of Science database (who in the world has invented that name?).

The idea of writing "Till the last drop!" came spontaneously and the first draft was ready in some 3-4 months. It took some time to get it polished and neat and it took even more time to make it readable for ordinary people and not just my fellow scientists. The book was a hoax, a joke. So I could not believe my eyes when I saw the figures of Internet sales. People were actually willing to pay me for my book!

"Well" - I said then - "If people like it so much, I am going to give them some more". And I do have thousands of stories to tell - I guess there is s frustrated writer in every academic (no wonder - you spend months working on a research paper that is 10-15 pages long and about 20 people in the whole world end up reading at in the end).

So, read "Till the last drop!" and do not forget to send me your feedback! And get ready for me - I am already working on a sequel called "From the first bite!".