Vampires and Vampirism: Between Anthropology, Folklore and Popular Culture

31/05/2012 10:35

Dear fans and followers,

I have just learned that Euro-Balkan Institute for Social and Humanities Research, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia is planning to organize an International Conference “Vampires and Vampirism: Between Anthropology, Folklore and Popular Culture” at lake Ohrid!

The conference (now under preparation) provisionally entitled “Vampires and vampirism” will explore the vampire as anthropological and folkloric being who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood). Although vampirism as a mythical and folklore phenomenon, have been recorded in many cultures, the term vampire become especially popular in Europe. It was an influx of vampire superstition from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe, where they were known by different names. The most popular vampire, Dracula, carved the modern vampire fiction. The vampire is now globally popular in the horror genre. There is a distinctive vampire genre, with books, comic books, films, video games etc. These and many other themes will be researched during the Summer School.

The main objective of the conference will be to provide a higher level of knowledge and competence for those who want to upgrade their current academic background and interest in the academic fields of Cultural Anthropology, Theatre and Film Studies, Ethnology and similar. The conference will be offering the participants a rare opportunity to acquire advanced theoretical knowledge that will complement their further professional and academic carrier related to the mentioned academic research fields.

Looks like a hillarious opportunity to learn more about vampires and to meet some relevant experts (who knows, maybe Count Dracula himself will show up)! I might be going there too - still negotiating with the organizers. Will let you know how this proceeds.

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