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Happy forthcoming Easter!

31/03/2012 01:41
My dear followers and fans, The Easter break is almost there (perhaps you have forgotten about it all along but all those chocolate bunnies and eggs in the store should have reminded you about that), so me and Count Wagen would like to wish you happy forthcoming holidays! Be careful during...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

17/03/2012 13:57
Dear all, All the best for the St.Patrick's Day! Whatever you are planning to do tonight: watch the parade, drink a couple of green beers (or treat yourself with a Guinness or two) - watch out! Vampires might be also celebrating this day with you. In fact, there might be some vampires so old...

Happy International Women's Day!

08/03/2012 00:00
Dear All, I would to wish you a Happy International Women's Day! Celebrated by the few, it is still a unique holiday that demonstrates equal rights and opportunites for men and women alike. Thank to emancipation I was able to pursue my dreams and become an academic and a succesful writer. Hope...

New art added to "My Gallery" section!

24/02/2012 16:48
Dear fans, You might want to check "My Gallery" section for some additional art and images painted by myself. Some of them actually provide a hint of where Emily Welkins is heading and what will she be writing about in her forthcoming books. Enjoy the art and have a nice week-end!...

Get Twits from @EmilyWelkins!

23/02/2012 19:57
Dear fans, You can now follow me on Twitter (just add @EmilyWelkins to you favorites)! Hope I will have even more to tell than I normally do in my books! EW

The print version of the "Till the last drop!" will be out by the weekend!

23/02/2012 19:33
Although the eBook version of "Till the last drop!" is selling surprisingly well, I have decided to make some minor changes to the print version (small items about the cover design, some typos, etc.). The print version is available from and you can easily find it by if you Google it or...

How does it feel to be a best-selling author?

18/02/2012 13:33
I have never planned my book to be such a success. Not really. Writing popular science books was not for me. I was just an ordinary academic and my life was all about academic papers and publications. If you are a bit familiar with this world, you surely know that there is no...

The sequel of "Till the last drop!" is on the way!

17/02/2012 23:12
Heya, all vampire fans and academics! Are you ready for the sequel? I am glad to announce that I am working on the second book of "Supernatural Economics series" which I provisionally entitled "From the first bite!". Are you excited about it as I am? You better should be! The sequel...

Check out my Facebook page for updates and events!

16/02/2012 15:08
Dear Visitor! You might want to check out my Facebook page for more updates and forthcoming events.

Emily Welkins' website launched

16/02/2012 15:07
Dear Visitor (academic or vampire fan alike :)! I am glad to announce that my new website has been launched today! Please stayed tuned for more updates and information on my research and writing!
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